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John R. Holsinger has served as an arbitrator in over 100 commercial cases since 1977 as a member of the national roster of neutrals of the American Arbitration Association.
As an arbitrator John R. Holsinger has presided over hearings on a wide range of commercial disputes.   The cases have involved automobile retailing, investment banking, construction, computer software development, medical services reimbursement, franchising, professional services, accounting, partnerships, shareholder issues involving closely held businesses, and manufacturers of both industrial and consumer products.    The disputes have arisen from all types of business agreements, from consumer contracts, to sales agreements, to partnership and shareholder agreements, to services contracts, to commercial leases, to technology development agreements, to confidentiality agreements, to merger and acquisition agreements, to franchising agreements, to brokerage agreements.
John R. Holsinger serves as sole arbitrator as well as a member of three arbitrator panels, frequently acting as chair of the panel.  He has expertise at managing multi-party and complex matters and focusing the issues to streamline the hearing of the matter.   His training as an arbitrator includes completion of both American Arbitration Association multi-day arbitration training courses and annual attendance at the Association’s neutrals conferences. 
As an advocate he has presented numerous client cases to arbitrators appointed by the American Arbitration Association, the National Association of Securities Dealers and other organizations.  Examples of the kinds of cases he has tried include minority shareholder oppression claims, securities fraud issues, breach of commodity purchase and sale agreements and small business dissolution matters. 

He frequently lectures and presents seminars for other lawyers about arbitration practice.  He is currently authoring a book about arbitration practice in New Jersey drawing on his experience both as an arbitrator and as an advocate to give others practical ideas of how best to present cases in arbitration.



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